Layli Izzatovna Sultanova

03 Nov

👋 Friends!

🔊 We are starting a new section called #YourSpecialists, where we will introduce you to the doctors at Stomaservice clinic who work on creating your smiles.

‼️ In the first publication, we’ll talk about the Chief Physician of Stomaservice Clinic, Layli Izzatovna Sultanova.

📚 A little background: Back in 1986, Layli Izzatovna graduated from TashGosMI with honors and continued her internship from 1986 to 1988.

📈 She didn’t stop there and continues to enhance her qualifications at the best educational centers to this day, including the USA, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Russia, Ukraine, and the United Kingdom.

💡 For over 35 years, Layli Izzatovna has been creating and restoring complete and beautiful smiles for her patients.

‼️ How Layli Izzatovna helps patients at the clinic:

💎 Prosthodontics; 💎 Placing crowns, veneers; 💎 Tooth restoration; 💎 ZOOM teeth whitening.

💪 In her free time, Layli Izzatovna is passionate about yoga and personal growth, which also help her in her work.

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