Braces: Briefly about the main thing

15 Dec

Perfect even teeth are everyone’s dream. Bracket systems help us to achieve this result. However, it is not always clear when to install them, what advantages exist, what types of braces are used in dentistry. In this publication we will tell you briefly about the main bracket systems.

A bracket system is a design designed to align the dentition. They consist of plates fixing the teeth and connecting them from an arc, due to which the correction is carried out.

In general, there is no separation of children’s and adult braces, they can be installed both at the age of 13 and at the age of 60. The period of wearing braces is from 6 months to 2 years.

Bracket systems are installed in the following cases:

tooth movements;

correction of bite;

in the presence of interdental spaces;

in the treatment of deformities of the dentition resulting from the loss of teeth;

However, bracket systems have a number of limitations, and they cannot be used in cases where the patient has the following problems:

poor oral hygiene

dental decay

excessive consumption of sweet and carbonated drinks

allergy to the materials used

Only when fixing these problems, you can install a bracket system.

In modern dental practice, there are several types of braces, which differ in their aesthetics and service life. The most classic are metal braces systems. They are the most durable, but not always suitable for everyone in aesthetics. The most popular are also ceramic and sapphire ones, which are not only effective, but give a smile a special charm. There are plastic braces, but because of its fragility, it should be worn for a long time.

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