Corporate service

16 Feb

The Digital Dentistry Clinic “Stomaservice” offers a Corporate Service program to legal entities.

This program is designed specifically for the treatment and prevention of corporate clients, which will allow you:
— guaranteed to get an excellent result in the treatment of dental diseases for you and your employees
— to raise the prestige of jobs in your company
— to increase the value and significance of your company’s social package, which will accordingly affect the quality structure of your team.
— to increase the efficiency of the team, since all employees will not be distracted by personal problems and solve them during working hours, but are guaranteed to get excellent results for years to come
— strengthen the authority of management in your company. Employees will see that you value them not only for the result of their work, but also as a person.
— reduce the loss of working time of your employees, in connection with a visit to the dentist.

Working procedure:
Digital Dentistry Clinic “Stomaservice” offers 2 service options for corporate clients:
1. Direct bilateral agreement
2. Contract with the insurance company.

1. Direct bilateral agreement
You can conclude a corporate contract that includes the entire range of dental services or only some of them.
To conclude a service contract, a list of employees participating in the Corporate Service program is provided.
Availability and ease of concluding a contract, on the day of signing which you immediately become a corporate client.

2. Contract with the insurance company.
If your organization has a partnership with any insurance company, you can contact the insurance company to conclude a voluntary medical insurance contract with an attachment to our clinics

Today, we are trusted by many large foreign representative offices, including:

Lukoil, World Bank, Asian Development Bank.

The essence of the “Corporate Service” program:
Dentistry provides services to collectives of legal entities by concluding a contract with them.
Employees within the framework of “Corporate service” are given discounts relative to the current price list.
The parties can agree on the amount of discounts in the dental clinic individually for each employee.
As part of the program, patients are given a free dental examination and monitoring twice a year.

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