Dentistry for children

Dentistry for children

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Children’s dentistry is always topical and in-demand because the health of the child as a whole depends on the health of the teeth. The principle of Stomaservice is “sterile, qualitative, painless” certainly, is also applicable for the treatment of the youngest patients. Diseases of children’s teeth (baby or permanent) do not change, but the methods of treatment have changed in a revolutionary way.


Dentistry without fear and pain.

How to treat, if the kid does not even agree to an examination? If the child is very small, or too active, or frightened, the usual methods of treatment and communication with him may not work. We do not allow situations when treatment can become a psychological trauma for the child and make the process of visiting the dentist as comfortable as possible for the child. With children, first of all, you need to be able to establish a trusting relationship and only then to treat.  All procedures are painless, and the interior and the situation in the clinic do not scare, but was very likeable for kids. When children go to the dentist without fear – this is a real achievement of the dental clinic.

Why is it important to take care of baby teeth and have a treatment on time?

Many parents think: “And why, because all the same baby teeth fall out …”. But this is fundamentally wrong! Baby teeth begin to change constant in 6-7 years, and this change ends only in 13-14. And during this time every sick tooth becomes a hotbed of infections and pathogens. Doctors of Stomaservice are 100% sure that sick baby teeth should be treated, and as soon as possible! And most importantly – constant, healthy and beautiful permanent teeth depend of the condition of the baby teeth.

The treatment of small patients is our greatest pride. And we are glad that more and more parents realize that  children’s teeth – both dairy and permanent – need high-grade, high-quality treatment.

Consultation 95 000
Panoramic X-ray 114 000
CT scan 190 000
Filling 332 000
Depulpation 332 000
Tooth removal 190 000
Dental plaque removal 380 000
Fissure sealing (for permanent teeth) 380 000
Covering  severely destroyed baby teeth with crown 380 000
“Biological method” -“Pulpotec” pulpitis treatment 215 000
Course of baby teeth fluoridation (3 times) 570 000
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