Professional teeth cleaning with AirFlow machine

04 Jul

Our clinic is equipped with the most advanced equipment for high-quality dental care, including the AirFlow Prophylaxis Master. This is a unique, high-tech device that is completely safe and suitable for preventing cavities, removing tartar, plaque, and pigment stains, even on baby teeth.

Cleaning with the AirFlow Prophylaxis Master is recommended in cases such as:

  • Removing plaque and whitening enamel by 1-2 shades.
  • When patients have bridge-like prostheses, artificial crowns, implants, or veneers.
  • When there is an improper bite and a high density of interdental spaces, among many other cases.

We especially recommend this cleaning procedure for patients with sensitive enamel and periodontal problems. It should also be performed twice a year for tea and coffee enthusiasts, as well as smokers, to maintain a bright smile for a long time.

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