Professional teeth cleaning with AirFlow machine

15 Dec

One of the innovative solutions in dentistry is the use of the Air-Flow system for removing dental deposits. It helps to remove dental plaque and other deposits, eliminate bacteria, and restore the natural color of your teeth. In this article, we will explain what this system is, when it should be used, and what advantages and disadvantages exist.

What is Air-Flow?

Cleaning with the Air-Flow system involves a procedure in which a mixture of water, air, and soda crystals is sprayed under pressure onto the teeth. This device helps to remove deposits from hard-to-reach areas, such as interdental spaces.

This system is painless and safe and does not damage the enamel. Additionally, it can whiten the enamel by 1-2 shades, and fruit flavors can be added for a more pleasant experience.

When is Air-Flow used?

First, it is important to remember that the Air-Flow system cannot remove very hard particles of tartar, so it is used in combination with other methods and preparations that are used during professional teeth cleaning.

So, the Air-Flow system is used in the following cases:

  • When installing or removing crowns, implants, or braces;
  • At the first signs of periodontal disease;
  • When plaque starts turning into dental calculus;
  • When cleaning installed implants, braces, etc.;
  • Cleaning for deposits from coffee, tea, cigarettes, etc.

Advantages of Air-Flow:

  • Prostheses, braces, and other orthodontic structures are completely cleaned, which is not achievable with conventional methods;
  • Removes and cleans deposits in the most hard-to-reach places;
  • Quick procedure (takes about 30 minutes);
  • Painless and comfortable;
  • Whitens enamel by 1-2 shades and removes pigment stains from beverages;
  • During polishing, the upper layer is enriched with fluoride and other beneficial substances;
  • Eliminates bad breath (if not caused by other medical conditions).

Disadvantages of Air-Flow:

  • Does not remove very hard particles of tartar;
  • Not recommended for individuals with contraindications.

Advantages of undergoing the Air-Flow procedure at Stomaservice:

  • Safety. The clinic uses a 6-step sterilization method with German equipment DAC Professional Sirona. There have been no cases of infectious disease transmission.
  • Digitization. Procedures that used to take weeks are now completed in a single visit thanks to advanced Dentsply-Sirona (USA-Germany) technologies.
  • Innovation. The clinic is the first in Uzbekistan to consistently implement innovations in its business and medical processes.
  • Specialists. The clinic employs top-category doctors with over 20 years of experience. Each doctor specializes in their field, resulting in high-quality work.
  • Impeccable service. The clinic continually improves its services for clients. It offers spacious parking, a comfortable waiting hall, lounge music, beverages, and more.
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