Teeth whitening using ZOOM technology

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Teeth whitening using ZOOM technology

Each of us wants to have a beautiful and snow-white smile. However, in fact, this is not so easy due to the fact that in our life there are bad habits, food containing dyes and not the right regime, which makes the smile not healthy, and the teeth darkened. A Hollywood smile can now be obtained thanks to new technologies in dentistry. One of such innovations is the ZOOM system. In this article we will tell you about the advantages and disadvantages of this technology, when to use it.

What is this technology?

Teeth whitening using ZOOM technology is carried out using a special acid-free gel, from which oxygen molecules are released under the influence of ultraviolet light, capable of penetrating into the microspaces of enamel and destroying pigmentation. It should be noted that the enamel and dentin tissues are not damaged during the procedure.

Despite the fact that the process of bleaching with the ZOOM system is safe, it should be remembered that this system also has contraindications: They must be remembered before doing bleaching:

the presence of carious cavities and gum diseases;
increased sensitivity of teeth;
prosthetic front teeth;
a large number of large seals;
oncological diseases;
pregnancy and lactation.

The ZOOM system has a number of advantages that distinguish it from other methods:

-achieving a good aesthetic effect in one hour;
-step-by-step whitening of the dental surface until the desired shade is reached (determined by the scale), whitens teeth by 8-12 tones.
-long-term preservation of the result in compliance with the recommendations of the dentist;
-fine individual adjustment of equipment and radiation intensity;
painlessness and safety.


The only drawback of this system is the high cost of the service.
How is the bleaching procedure:

Stage 1 — is professional hygiene, preparing teeth for the whitening procedure.

Stage 2 — at this stage, the skin of the face, lips and gums is isolated, and protective glasses are also put on the patient.

Stage 3 — application of whitening gel on the surface of teeth and the whitening procedure itself (repeated up to 3 times)

Stage 4 — washing off the gel with water.

Stage 5 — final remotherapy – a special composition strengthens the enamel of teeth and removes possible sensitivity after the procedure.

Stage 6 – in some cases, fluoridation and polishing of teeth are used to consolidate the result

Advantages of carrying out the procedure of bleaching with the ZOOM system in Stomaservice:

  1. Safety.
    The clinic uses a 6-step sterilization method with the use of German equipment DAC Professional Sirona. 0 cases of infection with infectious diseases.
  2. Digitalization. Procedures that took from several weeks are now performed in one visit thanks to the advanced technologies of Dentsply-Sirona (USA-Germany).
  3. Innovation. The clinic is the very first in Uzbekistan and constantly introduces innovations in its business and medical processes.
  4. Specialists. The clinic employs doctors of the highest category with more than 20 years of experience. Each doctor specializes in his own direction and as a result, high quality work.
  5. Impeccable service. The clinic is constantly improving the service for clients. Spacious parking, cozy waiting room, lounge music, drinks, etc

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