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01 Mar
циркониевые коронки

Zirconia crowns also knows as all-ceramic. Nowadays, zirconia dental crowns are also considered to be the best in a combination of aesthetics, strength and durability and are an excellent alternative to ceramic  crowns. These prostheses are called nonmetallic because zirconia is devoid of all the drawbacks of traditional structures on a metal frame. Advantages of zirconia crowns: Natural appearance – the zirconium frame has a color as close as possible to the natural color of the teeth and has an excellent light

15 Feb

If you intend to maintain your dental health to a ripe old age – you need to make regular preventive maintenance, and if necessary – to treat them. Here are some tips for preventing tooth: Not only clean teeth and also the tongue and cheeks, as microbes to accumulate in these areas of the oral cavity. Change your toothbrush 2-3 times per month. Change your toothpaste, as our body tends to get used to certain active ingredients and no longer

17 Jul
Stomaservice digital dentistry

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25 Jun

Today, our expert Elmaz Rustamovna Dzhambekov – tells you about the cone-beam computed tomography, which is used in the clinic Stomaservice, its mission and capabilities.

25 Jun
Без имени-1

Our clients often ask: “What kind of non-removable prosthesis them choose: metal-ceramic crowns or zirconium dioxide crowns?” Today, answer this question orthopedic surgeon clinic Stomaservice Farhod Tursunov Obidzhanovich.

25 Jun

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14 May

Gum problems begin with the accumulation of plaque at the gum line and between teeth. Daily flossing – is an important part of the procedure, oral care, which helps remove plaque from areas where no one can get a toothbrush. But to really take advantage of the thread can be using the proper technique during cleaning daily oral care. The Association of American Dental Hygienists gathered key elements proper technique of cleaning teeth floss in four easy steps: 1. wrap:

13 May

Many of those who finds out about the clinic Stomaservice the first time, ask a lot of questions about where to start and how it will look the process. Therefore, a new week, we decided to start with in order to inform our new customers about how we work. The algorithm is as follows: FIRST CONTACT 1. Call 2. Visit the appointed time 3. Meet and talk with your doctor SECOND VISIT 1. Professional cleaning 2. Diagnosis and Consultation 3.

16 Nov

Dental tourism has a lot of different benefits before going to the local clinic. Below is a short list of just some of them, in fact, the list is quite long, because in addition to materialnh benefits that depend on the situation and preferences, in addition to health benefits, this type of rest carries and moral satisfaction, for example by familiarizing cultural traditions. Save up to 70% of the funds High quality services No need to stand in line Guaranteed

31 Aug

Стоматологический туризм – это комбинация отдыха за границей, и параллельного стоматологическое лечение…

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