Orthopedics CAD/CAM
zirconia Crowns for 1 vizit

Orthopedics CAD/CAM
zirconia Crowns for 1 vizit

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CAD / CAM is «Computer Assisted Design / Computer Aided Manufacturing», which is the most advanced dental technology worldwide and now it is available in Stomaservice clinic.


Quickly, accurately and efficiently

CAD / CAM system provides highly accurate results – durable, safe restorations that meet the highest aesthetic standards. Moreover, most importantly – manufacturing process takes only about an hour. Multi-day waiting settings crowns remain in the past. Anatomy of the final restoration will be very natural and you almost do not need to follow its completion.

Система Cad/Cam

The manufacturing process

Digital scanning to CAD / CAM system is very easy:  at first, you’ll be shot in area with a special camera, and then you only need a few mouse clicks to create a 3D model of the final restoration with the help of special biogenetics software modeling method.

The next stage starts when computer-controlled milling machine with maximum precision makes this model in a matter of minutes. For example, for the manufacture of a single crown it takes about 15 minutes, for the manufacture of a bridge of three units – a little over 30 minutes.

Zirconia crowns, cad cam


Quality assurance

Today zirconium crowns are superior in durability and life duration. Moreover, no need to pass the scanning procedure again in the event of premature wear of the prosthesis you. All images and three-dimensional models are stored in the clinic, and all that is left – it is just in a matter of minutes to create a new on already existing pattern

Zirconia crowns


Ceramic crown 1 900 000 200
Clasp prosthesis

from 5 320 000

to 6 507 000

515 – 630
Removable plate prosthesis from 2 707 000 от 270
Zirconia crown 2 375 000 250
Zirconia-ceramic crown 3 325 000 380

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