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About the clinic

Ulugbek Bakhtiyarovich Holmatov
The founder of the clinic Stomaservice

Ladies and gentlemen!

Let me bring to your attention a unique project in Uzbekistan – a modern clinic for Aesthetic Dentistry – «Stomaservice».

The new project is timed to the 25th anniversary of the clinic.

We tried to create a new form of modern clinic: the construction of a special project to equip the latest generation equipment, training of specialists from the ethics of communication to the modern and effective methods of treatment and prevention in the best educational centers of the world.
Having a great experience, we are confident to offer our high-quality services for the treatment and restoration of teeth.

Our task is to complete the entire treatment of the oral cavity, from A to Z – complex, painless, sterile, in a short time and with the service.

Cosmetic Dentistry – this is not only a science but also an art, so to treat each patient individually and creatively. You can be sure
honesty, responsibility and professionalism of each employee.

We are grateful for the confidence of all our patients, more than 20 000 and we invite everyone who needs a qualified dental care.

Clinic «Stomaservice» – a reliable guardian of the health of your teeth and your family members.

Sincerely,               rospis         Holmatov U.B.

History of the clinic in figures

1 position
The three categories
"For quality and
efficiency "
25 years
On the market
12-25 years
20.000 patients
For the period
the existence of the clinic
quality treatment
0 cases
Total 22
20+ specialists
The team
18 years
Recognized as a leader among
dental clinics




Medicines, equipment

In order to ensure a high level of service to our customers, we use the most advanced developments in the field of equipping dental clinics

Anesthetic (France) – will provide 100% pain relief, hypoallergenic.

Filling materials (USA) – aesthetic, biocompatible and durable.

Braces – effective, aesthetic, with fluorine, for children and adults.

Technology – ergonomic, antiseptic paint, intraoral camera, water heating, Led-lighting, software, automated, safe.

X-ray – enhanced and accurate diagnosis, safety, efficiency, archiving images.

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